FRP Cable Try

FRP Products India Fiberglass FRP Cable Trays is designed and manufactured from a selection of premium resin reinforced with glass fibers to form a strong composite that is resistant to chemicals, fire retardant, and Ultra Violet rays. FRP Products India's FRP GRP Cable Trays are widely used in Electrical & Instrumentation Installations. We have developed a wide range of FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastics) Cable ladder, FRP Perforated trays, and FRP Supports to provide complete cable system solutions for Projects.

Fibre-glass Reinforced plastics (FRP) are increasingly being considered as a superior material of construction in many fields.


FRP has proved immensely beneficial in a wide range of industrial applications due to the following salient features:-

FRP Ladder Cable Trays

FRP Ladder Cable trays shall consist of two longitudinal side rails with transverse/horizontal rung mechanically fastened and adhesively bonded to the side rails. FRP Rungs shall be spaced 150,250,300mm distant from each other. Each FRP Ladder side rails shall have holes on each end for fixing the FRP Coupler plate and hardware. FRP Ladder trays construction shall have a high degree of finish and to facilitate easy handling as also laying of cables without causing damage to cables.

FRP Perforated Cable Trays

FRP Perforated type Cable trays are solid bottom with perforation/slot in the bottom side of cable trays. Ventilated bottom shall be perforated with 8mm diameter holes and have slots to facilitate the use of cable ties to fix the cables. FRP Perforated trays come with a width from 50mm to 600mm and height up to 100mm with thickness 3,4,5 and 6mm. FRP Channel Cable trays shall be supplied in 3000mm standard length and splice holes are provided at both ends to connect trays with splices plates & Hardware.

FRP Cable Tray Accessories & Fittings

FRP Products India manufacture several FRP Cable trays accessories to match exact site requirement including FRP covers, Horizontal bend, Vertical Inside & outside Bend, Tee, Unequal tee, FRP Cross, FRP Reducer, FRP Horizontal hinge, FRP vertical hinge, FRP Splice & Coupler plates, FRP cover clamp and many others. Pre-assembled fittings are available in all trays, FRP Cable trays fittings are assembled using stainless steel fasteners

FRP Cable Duct

FRP Products India manufacturer FRP Duct & Accessories, Our FRP Cable duct and accessories are corrosion resistant, Fire retardant and ASTM E-84 Standard. FRP Duct is manufactured by the fully automated Pultrusion process. FRP GRP Cable duct comes with a width from 400mm to 1200mm and height up to 400 mm with thickness 4,5 and 6mm.